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Snow Geese

Dear Friends, the images below are a natural history lesson.  The Snow goose on the left is the white morph and the right image shows a blue morph of the same specie of goose.  A few of these snow geese were mixed into a large flock of Canadian geese at the airport in Superior.  We sneaked across the grass to get close and i think we got close enough, til Tomorrow MJ
snow goose white morph

snow goose3

Dancing in the waves


Dear Friends, this immature seagull is dancing in the waves of Lake Superior.  I think he is a ring billed gull and he was hunting food in the waves.  so dance while you still can and celebrate the life you have been given til Tomorrow MJgull in wave

Red-Headed Duck

red head 4 fall

Friends, fall is here in all her splendor and ducks are arriving daily.  This lone male red-headed duck was found north of us on Lake Superior.  Hope his friends are somewhere around cause he was hanging out with some mallard females. I think this image is an example of how light can change a good image into a better than average image, or dare i say great image.  The reflections of the fall foliage in the water helps to set off the duck colors, but what do you think? til Tomorrow MJ

Then There were Three in a Tree

three in a tree Friends, sorry for the alliteration, i couldn’t resist.  The cedar waxwings are migrating thru Duluth Mn on the shores of Lake Superior.  This dead birch tree made a handy lookout for these three, they didn’t stay for long, just long enough for me to photo.  The bird in the middle is an immature but still has the yellow tip on the tail. The little round red blob is a berry that the right bird dropped when he landed   til Tomorrow MJ

Tamron 150-600 mm- More Testing

1original sparrow

Friends, this is another test of Tamron 150-600 mm sharpness so those who are not interested can tune out now, this white-throated sparrow was on a bird feeder at Hawk Ridge, I was about ten feet away and the day was beautiful.  This would simulate conditions that i usually shoot little birdies, handheld and sitting on a rock.  No sharpening on this image just straight out of the camera, the bottom image is an extreme crop to show the head details2original details

This image is pretty sharp and the one below has some minimal sharpness added in photoshop, so til Tomorrow MJ

3detail sharpened

The Harrier Ballet

young harrier perch

Friends, this hatch year Northern Harrier is leaping from his perch in response to an attack by a hatch year Bald Eagle.  I showed the fray in an earlier post.  Yesterday I went to Hawk Ridge in Duluth Minnesota in preparation for the upcoming fall migration of raptors and passerines.  Not much to report yet, but found some cedar waxwings and white throated sparrows on the hill top so til Tomorrow MJ

Lens Test 150-600 mm

seagull test 2 seagull test1

Friends, these are not spectacular decisive moments in nature, but rather a test of my new lens.  Tamron 150-600 zoom lens.  Years ago in the age of film, i had a 300 mm Tamron f2.8 and it was super sharp.  I am not disappointed by this lens so far, a sunny day and was able to shoot at 1/1000 of a second or faster so handholding the lens was pretty doable. More testing is needed til Tomorrow MJ


blue balance3Friends, having a meltdown as our snow was starting to recede, but this morning we had 8 inches of fresh snow.  Between snow, cold and a non-functioning vehicle, i am very tired of this winter and anxious for it to be over.  On a recent trip to Lake Superior shores, ii found this ice chunk speaking of balance.  Balancing emotions like this ice chunk resting on a bigger ice chunk reminds me to trust in something bigger than myself, so today i am again back to the blogging.  til Tomorrow MJ


Watercolor morning

snow owl water finalFriends, been watercoloring this morning with my computer, always hated the way Photoshop did watercolors, was not realistic, but the ipad has a new app called “waterlogue” that is wonderful for doing watercolor from a photo, thanks to my friend agogo, the winter now does not seem so dreary, thanks kathy til Tomorrow MJ


Snowy Owl in Flight, as promised

flying snowyFriends, as promised this snowy owl is flying toward the sun and sorry about the head, but you have to get what is given, as he leaped from the post perch, he revealed his underside and his killer talons, you may also see that he is banded on his right leg, can’t read the band but appears to contain a circle with a 3 inside it, others with more knowledge may be able to help with this band id.  the sky was very gray and just diffuse light so this was the best that i could do that day under the circumstances, the next good day i will again be hunting. til Tomorrow MJ


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