Dear Friends, With this new computer finally up and running, I will try to get back to normal.  Which raises the question, what is normal anyway.  I am reminded of a  commercial on tv, that advertises a pill that treats metastatic breast cancer as the woman achieving a new normal.  Good luck with that, I hope it works. But having recently gone thru cancer stage 2, chemo and surgery, I have yet to define that new normal. So I will try once again to regain normal.  I think the secret is not in the old normal, but indeed a new normal. til Tomorrow MJ


Red-Neck Drama

Dear Friends, this pair of red-necked grebes are courting on Phantom Lake.  At this point they have built four different nests and lost them all, they are currently sitting on another piece of floating dirt in the middle of the lake.  They may or may not have an egg.  I will keep you apprised. til Tomorrow MJ

Last Post Mistake-sorry


Dear Friends, in my last post I called the two fighting ducks Green-Winged Teal, I do know better these are Northern Shovelers and in this post I show you a more peaceful Northern Shoveler. Chemo brain is still sabotaging my work.  til Tomorrow MJ

Territorial Dispute

Dear Friends, these green-winged teal males are arguing over fishing rights, there will be no blood shed but both went their separate ways, til Tomorrow MJ

Back to work

Dear Friends, I have been on a long sabbatical, sorry if you have some abandonment issues, haha, I have been fighting with cancer for a year and now am cancer-free for the time being, this image of dancing sandhill cranes expresses my joy at surviving cancer, chemo and surgery without too much pain.  I am back sitting in Chex Meadows watching the God-given sights and images that are still present, hope you are still out there, love and blessings, MJ










Bear Portrait

Dear Friends, this bear was in the ditch as we drove by, his head popped up and he scurried into the woods.  Sorry for the grass but I did not leave the truck and could not get a good angle.  He was huge and wanted to cross the road, the deer flies were attacking and he was looking for a good swim to drown them. Yes I was using a telephoto lens  til Tomorrow MJ

Green Heron

Dear friends, this is not your typical image of a Green Heron, but it shows his beautiful back feathers in the spring. He was fishing alone in the shade and I never can resist parking along the road to capture these guys. til Tomorrow MJ

Muskrat Lunch

Dear Friends, this muskrat was enjoying his lunch in Crex Meadows, love the long fingernails?? til Tomorrow MJ

Widgeon Duck Male

Dear Friends, this beautiful male was photographed at Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuge in early May.  hope you think he is beautiful, my inspiration during these chemo days, til Tomorrow MJ

Savannah Sparrow

Dear Friends, loved our day at Crex this week, so thankful that I can again venture out into the wilderness with my camera.  This Savannah Sparrow was a lifer for me, I had never seen him before or if I did, I didn’t know what he was, id wise,  thanks to the kind folks on Facebook who solidified my tentative id. til Tomorrow, MJ

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