Great Egret

wading-egret egret-flight

Dear Friends, this is a Great Egret and we don’t usually see a lot of these at Crex, but this year there is a small flock hanging out at Fish Lake.  We sat on the dike and watched this one fish for over 30 minutes, then he flew. Right at us. til tomorrow MJ

What Is It?? Hummingbird Moth


Dear Friends, this is a hummingbird clearwing moth sucking on some summer flowers.  Recently our camera club had an outing to the butterfly house and we found this guy outside the tent.   This is a moth not a butterfly (no club on the end of antenna) so i guess he wasn’t allowed inside.   The wings are too fast for my shutter speed but you get the idea. til Tomorrow MJ

Fall Has Arrived


Dear Friends, yes indeed, fall has arrived and with the fall foliage, the Greater Sandhill Cranes have started to gather on the Meadows and the marshes of Crex Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Northwestern Wisconsin. So far this fall, this is my favorite shot, a pair of cranes were only 20 feet from us when i pulled the trigger, til Tomorrow MJ

Pied-Billed Hatch Year Grebe

baby grebe best

Dear Friends, well fall is on its way as the pied billed grebes are gathering on Phantom Lake, this baby grebe is foraging in a small pond adjacent to the lake.  I think they are so cute with their stripes on the cheek. til Tomorrow MJ

Wood Nymph

wood nymph nectaring

Dear Friends, this wood nymph on a knapweed flower is to illustrate how the light coming across the wings shows off the textural details of this butterfly wing.  All the veining and cell details are emphasized when the light is right. til Tomorrow MJ



Dear Friends, this small shore bird visited Phantom Lake this spring, He has some beautiful shades of brown on his back enjoy til Tomrrow MJSanderling - mjspringett


Skippe r- MJ Springett

Dear Friends, this tiny fellow is a skipper, but not sure his exact name.  I am sure my friends at Crex can id him for me.  He is perched and nectarine on some Vervain.  i hope he enjoys his sweet lunch, til Tomorrow MJ

American Bittern


Dear Friends, this secretive bird is an American Bittern and on rare occasions he peeks out of the cat tails to seek food.  til Tomorrow MJ

Nature Challenge Day 7

black swallowtail1Dear Friends,  ran out of butterfly images so i ran up to Lake Superior to find what i could find.  Found this black swallowtail, a little smaller than the one in Crex, he posed so nicely on this yellow flower head. til Tomorrow MJ

Artist Reception

Healing Arts Exhibit Invitation 08-12-16_single-2


Dear Friends, if you are in or around Hudson Wi, this is an invitation to an artist reception for my show of birds on aluminum prints “Birds of a Feather”, the details in bird feathers always attract me, til Tomorrow MJ

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