Double-crested Cormorant

adult cormorant

Dear Friends, last week i was treated to a pontoon ride down the st croix river.   me and several members of a camera club went for a lovely drive.  The evening could not have been better weather wise and we got a closeup view of the rookery just north of Stillwater MN.  This is one of the adult cormorants that was perched above nest of juveniles that are almost fully grown.  The image below shows them being typical youngsters rabbling about.  so til Tomorrow MJ

cormourant family


columbineDear Friends, I am not very good at Flower shots, but i can never resist shooting these red columbines that grow wild in Crex Meadows til Tomorrow MJ

Feeding the Little Red Neck

feeding red neck style

Dear Friends, the Red Necked Grebe young have arrived, i think there are two and this shows one of the adults feeding one of the babies, til Tomorrow MJ

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

on a windy day

Dear Friends, while sitting in the marsh watching for baby Red-necked Grebes to hatch, the Yellow-Headed Blackbirds were calling for a mate, til Tomorrow MJ

Ring-Necked Ducks

Nature - Ring Neck Ducks Pair -185

Dear Friends, this lovely pair of Ring-necked ducks are motoring across a nearby pond, these ducks are common in Crex Meadows and some nest here.  You can see the ring around the male’s neck as a bronze coloring and i love the gold eye.  They also have a distinct ring around the bill and the female bill ring fades as the summer progresses. til Tomorrow MJ

Copulation Red-Necked Style

Dear Friends, i know these are lousy images but i have to share this magic moment with my readers.  The Red-Necked Grebes in our neck of the woods are pretty rare, but we have one pair that return every year.  I watched them for three hours and witnessed copulation three times in that period of time, what a thrill, til Tomorrow MJ

Meeting of the Minds

meeting of the mindsDear Friends, last night just a sunset (with no sun visible) we found a small flock (10-12) of white pelicans floating on a pond in Crex Meadows.  I had to shoot at a very high iso, so sorry for the noise, but could not resist this image.  They do not stay, just passing through. til Tomorrow MJ

The Bohemian

the bohemianDear Friends, two very gracious friends took me to Duluth yesterday, thanks you two, we spent the morning with brown creepers, golden crowned kinglets and these bohemian waxwings.  Also cedar waxwings but this was my best Bohemian, til Tomorrow MJ

Another Grouse

3R.Low Rider

Dear Friends, I call this image “Low Rider”, with his tilt and low to the ground dance i think he looks like a motorcycle coming around a corner, this is a male Sharptail Grouse dancing in the spring, soon they will be active again at sunrise on the lek, til Tomorrow MJ

Do you Like Purple?


Dear Friends, the color purple in an abstract, experimenting with photoshop, til Tomorrow MJ01,WC185,DC,Study in Purple


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