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Green Heron

Dear friends, this is not your typical image of a Green Heron, but it shows his beautiful back feathers in the spring. He was fishing alone in the shade and I never can resist parking along the road to capture these guys. til Tomorrow MJ

Tufted Titmouse Portrait


Dear Friends, this lovely bird is coming to our bird feeder every day, do you like his feathers, I love the patterns around his eye, til Tomorrow MJ

Spotted Towhee

spotted towhee

Friends, this beautiful bird is a lifer for me, a spotted towhee from the North Dakota badlands.  I love his red eye and rusty feathering, perched on a dead sage brush he was waiting for me to leave so he could resume his rummaging in the weeds for insects; til Tomorrow MJ

Sora with Green Legs

sora green feet

Friends, this curious looking bird is a Sora (i think), and I love the Green feet. Never had seen one myself so was quite a thrill to see one so closely.  He provided a break from the Warblers who have been haunting my lens lately.  From his coloring you can see why he can hide in the old cat tails and sedges around Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows. til Tomorrow MJ

Yellow Rumped Warbler

yellow rump warbler

Friends, this little warbler (yellow-rump) is showing off his three patches of yellow feathers, one on each side of his chest, one  on top of his head and one on his rump.  There were hundreds of yellow-rumps in Crex Meadows this spring, but now that it has turned to summer (85 degrees F) they have gone further north.  til Tomorrow MJ

Cape May Warbler

Cape May Warbler male

Friends, this bird was found on a colder day and he was fluffed up to keep warm, today was 85 degrees F so birdies are not fluffed up today.  This is a male Cape May Warbler and i love his feathering. Below is a frontal view of his streaked chest. til Tomorrow MJcape may warbler

Hawk Eye

sharpshinned hawk hyFriends, this sharp-shinned hawk is looking for prey as he cruises above. Actually this image is the result of a little Photoshop magic.  His bright yellow  eyes tell us that he was a baby this spring and is a hatch year bird.  When he is grown, his eye color will shift to orange and then to red.  His beautiful chocolate coloring will shift to gray, oooo I could use some chocolate for breakfast, til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Unique

American Bittern-spring male

Friends, This bird is not unique to the Crex area, but the male in breeding plumage is unique as it is the only time I have seen the American Bittern male in his full regalia.  The white epaulets and the feathery fringe under his chin are decorations that  persist for only a short period in the spring.  I think the gray mane feathers are also part of this costume.  til Tomorrow MJ

A Christmas birdie

male pineyFriends, this Christmas birdie is not your traditional cardinal, but a pine grosbeak (male) who is attracted to sunflower seeds in bird feeders and the pine cones of the northwoods. He is a delicious color and resembles a small parakeet or parrot in his actions.  til Tomorrow Happy Holidays MJ


The Smallest Falcon

Friends, this tiny hawk is an American Kestrel found in Crex Meadows.  The educators on Hawk Ridge have taught me that this is a male due to the blue outer wing.  Females have a red-brown feathering extending from the back out across the wing backs.  They are a small member of the falcon family, related to the Merlin and the Peregrine Falcon. When hunting, they will often hover (wings flapping while staying in one place) or kite (wings steady while staying in one place) over a hayfield or other open area.  I think this boy was hunting me.  til Tomorrow MJ

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