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A Winter Guest


Dear Friends, this boy(Pileated Woodpecker) was shopping for groceries in our 3 inches of new snow.   Jim had just put out a new suet block and he zeroed in on it.  The red dash under his chin marks him as a male, on females that spot is black.  Hope they will nest here in our woods, may have to sit out in the woods to see where they are working, til Tomorrow MJ


final sunburst

Dear Friends, i am getting desperate, the weather has been cold, windy and drippy, don’t want to get my camera wet so i have been staying indoors, this is not the true frozen photographers spirit, but soon the sun will shine again and i won’t have to resort to indoor photoshop, but while i am indoors, i am learning some new (to me) tools in photoshop.  This was the result of transforming some ovals from a picture and skewing the results as multiple transforms were done, still learning, til Tomorrow MJ

Horned Grebe

realistic_horned grebe_January2015_185

Dear Friends, this horned grebe reminds me of the warmth of summer, we went north this last weekend, but too cold to do much photographing, maybe birdies will return soon and i won’t have to be limited to the pine siskins, redpolls and goldfinches that come to my feeder til Tomorrow MJ

Beautiful Bubba


Dear Friends, don’t usually post personal pictures, but in editing old images i came across this one of our dog, Bubba, i love the snow whiskers on his face, yes he is a big dog, over 110# of mischief and mayhem, til Tomorrow MJ

Golden Eye

golden eye12psdDear Friends, this golden eye duck was in the Canal at Duluth Minnesota, they are diving ducks and probably are after mussels similar to the Eider.  I love the standing wave in front of him shows that he was swimming very fast and his water drip says he just came up from a dive into the waters of the canal . The water is icy so I am glad to stand on the ground, til Tomorrow MJ

Eider eider eider

eider female

Dear Friends, this Eider duck (female) is hanging out with the mallards, pintails and gulls in the shipping canal of Duluth harbor.  What is she doing here, she doesn’t eat french fries, cheetos or bread that people are throwing out on the water, she eats mussels, swallowing them whole and sitting out while her crop crushes the shells and digests the contents.  Maybe the influx of zebra mussels into Lake Superior is attracting the mussel eaters, cause the golden eyed ducks are also active at this site. til Tomorrow MJ

Pintail on Ice

pintail on ice

Dear Friends, this northern pintail duck (male) was hidden in among many mallards in the canal of Duluth on Wednesday, lots of broken ice was also floating through the canal and i made this image.  I love his detailed feathers on the side. til Tomorrow MJ



Dear Friends, these Sandhill Cranes have left our country and we are ice-locked with a snow covering.  I want to go south too, but alas, i am grounded, til Tomorrow MJ

Bald Eagles

eagle world

Dear Friends, just a couple of eagles hanging around on a windy day, drove all day and this is all i could find in Crex Meadows. Ready to go further north now that the bird feeders are taken down, they know how to attract birds in the winter up in Sax Zim Bog, take a lesson Crex til Tomorrow MJ

May You Have a Blessed Christmas Day

merry christmas woods

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