Baby Owl

Friends, This baby owl is a young Great Horned Owl with his ears flattened down.  When he is an adult bird the feathers on the top of his head will stand erect and give the appearance of horns, hence his name the Horned Owl.  This particular bird is a captive owl after being injured or abandoned.   His handler  brought him to Crex Meadows on a family day where he posed for photos.  I loved his big yellow eyes that were watching me intently.  Now i know how a field mouse feels when being hunted.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I think I found a young grate horned owl in my driveway this morning is not moving I think it might be sick any body know what to do?

  2. Hi MJ! Visiting from Christine’s. Congrats on your award.

    I adore owls. How special you actually saw one and got a grand photo. They are so elusive. Many times you hear them, but can’t see them. Nice. Margie

  3. awwww he is so cute!

  4. Wow! Those eyes! What a great shot! Made my day

    • thanks claude MJ Marge

      Iblog everyday on

      SPRINGETT IMAGES -Marge and Jim Springett Specializing in images from: Lake Superior, Crex Meadows and North Dakota Badlands Find our images at: (nature photography) or (oil paintings on ebay by jim springett) or


  5. Words We Women Write

    This is news flash: fabulous!

  6. Good capture, MJ. 🙂

  7. Wow, beautiful photo! I am a WordPress photographer as well, so I love when I see posts like this! Great job, keep it up!

  8. MJ…..I am jealous. I keep looking for owls in all the wrong places, they don’t seem to give a “whoot” about it………..en theos…jim

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