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Weekly Photo Challenge:Contrasting Owl Eyes


Friends, the weekly photo challenge this week is contrasts, and this mama great horned owl is a contrast to her baby who is just a few weeks old.  I think the old eyes show wisdom and quiet, while the youngster is wide-eyed with wonder at all the new things surrounding him.  Especially the crowd of photographers standing beneath his nest tree. til Tomorrow MJ eyes

Owlets have flown

best two owl 11x14

Friends, the dilemma, two images, one with open eyes on mama bird and the other with open eyes on the owlet, solution: combine two images into one for an official portrait of both birds, hope you like my artistic treatment, as of yesterday, both owlets have left the nest and are roosting in nearby sites, til Tomorrow MJ

One more Owl

owlet horned owl under the watchful eye

Friends, this is a little better image of mama owl and the baby is out of the nest hole and sitting on the ledge with her on Friday when i again visited the city owl.  Above is a portrait of the baby owl,  as he discovers that there are people and cameras looking at him, til Tomorrow MJ

Owl Portrait

mama hoot owl

Friends, this is a little closer view of the mama owl watching over her chicks, i cropped it from the original view and did not get closer physically.  I wanted to see the eyes and the feathering on her breast up a little closer, til Tomorrow MJ

Great Horned Owl

horned owl 3

Friends, this great horned owl is keeping a sleepy watch over her young in the nest.  I shot 200 images on this shoot, but only one image had both subjects with open eyes, and mother only had a half opened eye, but you get what you get, considering myself very lucky this morning, til Tomorrow MJ

Baby Owl

Friends, This baby owl is a young Great Horned Owl with his ears flattened down.  When he is an adult bird the feathers on the top of his head will stand erect and give the appearance of horns, hence his name the Horned Owl.  This particular bird is a captive owl after being injured or abandoned.   His handler  brought him to Crex Meadows on a family day where he posed for photos.  I loved his big yellow eyes that were watching me intently.  Now i know how a field mouse feels when being hunted.  til Tomorrow MJ

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