October Photo Challenge

Friends, this image is to show what October means to me and to enter the October Photo Challenge, please tune in and enter, it is still October, isn’t it?, but October means bird migration to me.  These Greater Sandhill Cranes are on their way to the south and if you follow my blog regularly, you have seen the hawk migration up close and personal, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. They remind me of plane formations in sky shows! Aren’t they something? Margie

  2. That is an awesome shot! Those cranes are beautiful. Great entry for October! 😉

  3. Great shots and composition, MJ.

  4. I like this shot a lot.

  5. I love your photos and am envious of your photographic skills. I spend more time at Fish Lake since it is closer to our place in the woods and less crowded. I always look forward to the sandhills. They are majestic birds and there is no mistaking their gargles for any other bird. They are definitely a sign that it is time to put the yard to bed until spring.

  6. A great photo. You do so well at capturing birds in flight 🙂

  7. [ Smiles ] I LOVE your picture of the birds!

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