Mother and Child -Trumpeter Swans

Friends, this is not a mating pair of Trumpeter Swans, but an adult (in front) leading a youngster from this years hatch.  The young swan is gray with a pink bill, while the adult is white with a black bill.  There are many Trumpeters on Crex Meadows right now, gathering for their migration.  This family of five didn’t like all the noise that the Sandhill Cranes were making, so they departed. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. This is absolutely a lovely picture, such balance, intrigue – well done! I wonder if you would be willing to share it with our members at The Trumpeter Swan Society, We will credit you and list a website if you have it. Our readers are huge swan fans, and they would find inspiration in this shot. My email is if you are willing to share this in our newsletters or on our Blog. Thanks for posting! We do have a great amount of information on Trumpeter Swans, do check out our website. I am working on the newsletter this week!

  2. my favorite! waiting patiently for their arrival here. you captured a beautiful moment of adult and juvenile

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