Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Friends,Two American Bison heading up the side hill to greener grasses.  While this may look like a couple, they are actually two males, the one in the front being a younger version of the one in the back.  An early snowstorm in September had painted the sage and brush with white and as the snow melted, the clay on these slopes became very slippery.  The whole herd was progressing very slowly with an occasional stall when an animal had difficulty moving to the higher ground.  The Bison have been reintroduced to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and thrive within the fenced region.  Cattle of the badlands they compete with wild horses, elk, deer, antelope and other grazers for the lush grasses.  Even the prairie dogs eat the grasses. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. This one is an interesting post. Great entry to this week’s challenge.

  2. Looks like they’re trudging home at the end of a very long day! Beautiful shot.

  3. Very cool, they always look so shaggy. My mom lives in Arkansas and her neighbor breeds and raises them. They are so huge and simply massive!!

  4. thanks for telling us all about them mj, you teach me so much 🙂

  5. Amazing that they can walk on suck a surface.

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