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Bear Portrait

Dear Friends, this bear was in the ditch as we drove by, his head popped up and he scurried into the woods.  Sorry for the grass but I did not leave the truck and could not get a good angle.  He was huge and wanted to cross the road, the deer flies were attacking and he was looking for a good swim to drown them. Yes I was using a telephoto lens  til Tomorrow MJ

The Dancers


Dear Friends, in the fall, the Sandhill Cranes do lots of dancing, probably practicing and teaching the youngsters how to celebrate, this is my favorite from this past fall, til Tomorrow MJ01wc185dtwisconsin-dancing-cranes

Badlands Muley Buck


Dear Friends, this mule deer buck was taken a few years ago, but i am learning a new color profile and thought this came out ok.  This buck is still in velvet and was found in a wash after sunset. til Tomorrow MJ

Wild Horses TRNP

Dear Friends, no trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park is complete without the an image of the wild horses.  This Black Stallion (either Mystery or Cocoa) is running to meet his buddies, he was well received and no fighting was observed. til Tomorrow MJ


Back to Work

01,WC185,DN,Gray Fox

Friends, this gray fox was focused on something that moved, not me, i don’t move a hair while photographing this guy, i have been on a short hiatus this summer from blogging, but still gathering images to be used in this site, enjoy the fall season, i am, til Tomorrow MJ

Juvenile Trumpeter Swan

early morning cygnet

Friends, Early in the morning we went to see the sunrise in Crex Meadows and watch the Sandhill Cranes lift off their roost site and fly off to the fields.  But this Trumpeter Swan family stole the show.  This cygnet has juvenile gray feathers with a striking pink bill and sorry about the adult in the background, serves as a nice contrast to show off the adult vs young coloring.  Next Spring they will all be white with black bills.  til Tomorrow MJ

Bison Couple

bison pair

Friends, these bison are a male and female during the August breeding season.  He is roaring his disapproval of another bull who is daring to venture near his girl.  She could care less, and looks totally bored with all the hoopla, a typical male has been rolling in the mud and her hair is nice and tidy, til Tomorrow MJ


Sunset in the Badlands

bucks at sunset

Friends, yes there are trees in the North Dakota Badlands.  These cottonwoods are along the Little Missouri River near Medora and the cedar and junipers are on north-facing slopes..  At sunset. the mule deer bucks head over the hill.  Hope you like the sunset in the badlands. til Tomorrow MJ

Happy Face

3coyote face Friends, this coyote boy is hunting for his lunch in the prairie dog town in the badlands of North Dakota.  Despite his predatory nature, he has a happy face. My what big teeth you have, granny, a famous line from little red riding hood, a story of my childhood. til Tomorrow MJ

Badlands Boogey Man

3coyote face

Friends, this happy boy is hunting prairie dogs, lots of them available  and the babies are not very bright, if they don’t listen to their mama, the coyote will get them, the badlands equivalent of the boogeyman, so mind your mama and stay out of harm’s way today til Tomorrow MJ

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