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A Peaceful Confrontation and Not

swans-on-the-iceDear Friends, these two trumpeter Swans have returned to the Northland, and with lots of talking there are some confrontations.  Sometimes they are peaceful and just showing off their beautiful white feathers, other times there is chasing and pulling on feathers as shown in the bottom image, enjoy, til Tomorrow MJ


Swans have returned


Dear Friends, thanks for all your encouraging words and prayers, Jim and I were in Fish Lake Refuge this week and we saw about 20 Trumpeter Swans who have arrived here before the ice is melted.  These two had just landed on the ice and I loved the cyan hue of the ice, this image was processed with LAB color space, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Spring is Here

01,WC185,DJ,Swans Return

Dear Friends, the ice has melted and the Swans now have a place to land, courtship displays will begin soon and i will be back in the swamp chasing elusive images or the birds.  Hope to see you out there, til Tomorrow MJ

Trumpeter Swan Takeoff


Friends, Crex Meadows in the fall not only has thousands of Sandhill Cranes, but also has smaller gatherings of Trumpeter Swans.  The swans breed and raise their cygnets in the area and residents can be observed throughout the summer.  So enjoy this landing til Tomorrow MJ

Still Laughing

trumpeter bath

Dear Friends, this elegant Trumpeter Swan had me laughing out loud while he bathed in Phantom Lake.  He rolled onto his back and then kicked like crazy trying to right himself, very funny but maybe you had to be there   til Tomorrow MJ

Juvenile Trumpeter Swan

early morning cygnet

Friends, Early in the morning we went to see the sunrise in Crex Meadows and watch the Sandhill Cranes lift off their roost site and fly off to the fields.  But this Trumpeter Swan family stole the show.  This cygnet has juvenile gray feathers with a striking pink bill and sorry about the adult in the background, serves as a nice contrast to show off the adult vs young coloring.  Next Spring they will all be white with black bills.  til Tomorrow MJ

Be My Valentine

swans redFriends, been saving this image for a special occasion, Valentines day, happy happy til Tomorrow MJ

Hatch Year Swan

juvenile trumpeterFriends, this is a juvenile Trumpeter Swan, this years young called a hatch year bird.  They are gray with a pink beak, that is turning black as they mature.  There were four immatures with their parents on Main Dike  when we were on a sunrise shoot at Crex Meadows.  I was experimentingwith vignettes other than black, do you like?  til Tomorrow MJ


Peace and Love

swan heartFriends, this morning i am reflecting on peace and love, my new mantra.  These swans stopped their attack mode to briefly bond again as a couple.  Their way of kissing and hugging.  Dedicate this one to Jim, the love of my life, til Tomorrow MJ


Attack Mode

swan attackFriends, these Trumpeter Swans are attacking three other swans who have occupied the favorite preening and bathing spot on Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows.  I always think of these birds as floating peacefully on the lake, but this image shows the territorial nature of the adults that persists even into fall.  The red stained feathers will soon be replaced by fresh white feathers and they will head south.  til Tomorrow MJ


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