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A Peaceful Confrontation and Not

swans-on-the-iceDear Friends, these two trumpeter Swans have returned to the Northland, and with lots of talking there are some confrontations.  Sometimes they are peaceful and just showing off their beautiful white feathers, other times there is chasing and pulling on feathers as shown in the bottom image, enjoy, til Tomorrow MJ




Dear Friends, this small shore bird visited Phantom Lake this spring, He has some beautiful shades of brown on his back enjoy til Tomrrow MJSanderling - mjspringett

Bald Eagle Molt

eagle molting

Dear Friends, this gloomy gray winter weather has me lying in bed, processing images from last summer, this was taken in August and from the errant feather under his left wing, I think he was molting.  The rest of his body feathers look a bit worn and this was after a substantial rain storm, til Tomorrow MJ

Day Five Nature Challenge

cranes head crop adult and juvenile

Dear Friends, I initially thought that this image would show a comparison between the adult crane and a first-year juvenile, but it also illustrates the ruffed feathers versus the smooth appearance.  The ruffed look is usually seen after preening during the fall molt of feathers.  til Tomorrow MJ

My Best Dancing Cranes

01,WC185,DN, Dancing CranesDear Friends, this is my best dancing cranes from this year, the fluffed up feathers make this image unique, this is a staring match , and the first bird to blink, well, that is my take, til Tomorrow MJ

Green Wing Teal??

young green wing3Dear Friends, i think this might be either a young male green wing teal or some kind of hybrid, what do you birders think?  The green speculum is there but no white border around the head green stripe, the back and side feathers are also strange. Seen on Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows on July 1.   til Tomorrow MJ

Horned Grebe Hairdo

horned grebe hairdoDear Friends, this Horned Grebe was found on a very windy day on Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows. A pair of birds were present but this one came very near the shore allowing me a closeup of his beautiful red eye and wild feathers.  His yellow head feathers can be raised or lowered and when raised they look like horns from the front view.  This day the wind has the lake stirred up and his feathers in a jumble.  til Tomorrow MJ

Ruffed Grouse

final left grouse color

Dear Friends, this cocky fellow was stalking the ditches looking for a girl grouse, he was constantly flipping the feathers of his ruff, thus his name ruffed grouse, or as known around our household, ruffled spouse, love that joke, til Tomorrow MJ

Mr Winter Jay

winter jay

Dear Friends, busy time of year and the birds ware busy eating all our suet, this blue jay was very close and i loved the background colors. so til Tomorrow MJ

Sparrows can be Pretty

detailed tree sparrow

Dear Friends, hanging out at the bird feeder has given me a chance to refine my bird photography skills with new lens and camera.  This is an American Tree Sparrow and in this closeup you can see his bicolored bill, black on the top and yellow on the bottom.  He also has the dark spot on his breast and a smidgeon of white wing bar.  enjoy the birdies, til Tomorrow MJ

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