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Mr Winter Jay

winter jay

Dear Friends, busy time of year and the birds ware busy eating all our suet, this blue jay was very close and i loved the background colors. so til Tomorrow MJ

Mister Blue

blueFriends,blue jays are being very active around our house, they must be hungry as they appear at the suet feeder when we are not around, this jay was foraging in Crex Meadows, a wildlife refuge near our home.  They are very noisy and demand attention where ever they go.  The snow is melting and the roads are muddy but spring is slowly making its way north. So take a lesson today, make a little noise, til Tomorrow MJ


Happy Jay


Friends, this friendly blue jay was questioning my presence near his bird feeder.  I love the jays in winter when their colors are one of the bright spots in the woods.  We visited a  wildlife center yesterday and listened to the wolves howling, they are entering their breeding season and our dog is doing a lot of sniffing on his morning walk. We took a few images of wild wolves in captivity and a pair of cougar sisters(for future posts).  A hard place to take good images with all the fencing  but we had fun trying.  These animals were orphaned as babies and would not have been able to survive in the wild, so they educate school children and adults about their wildness that they have managed to retain.  til Tomorrow MJ

Blue Jay

Friends, this blue jay is a shy guy who visited the suet feeder briefly then flew away.  I sat for 1 hour waiting for him to reappear, and he eventually came back.  The cold weather has made the birds hungry and they are visiting the feeders. The cold weather has me shivering after an hour and my hands and camera refuse to work.  til Tomorrow MJblue jay

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