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Horned Grebe Hairdo

horned grebe hairdoDear Friends, this Horned Grebe was found on a very windy day on Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows. A pair of birds were present but this one came very near the shore allowing me a closeup of his beautiful red eye and wild feathers.  His yellow head feathers can be raised or lowered and when raised they look like horns from the front view.  This day the wind has the lake stirred up and his feathers in a jumble.  til Tomorrow MJ

Horned Grebe

realistic_horned grebe_January2015_185

Dear Friends, this horned grebe reminds me of the warmth of summer, we went north this last weekend, but too cold to do much photographing, maybe birdies will return soon and i won’t have to be limited to the pine siskins, redpolls and goldfinches that come to my feeder til Tomorrow MJ

Lunch for the Horned Grebe


Friends, i am not sure what he has in his beak, but it was probably food, since in the next shot in this sequence, the item was gone, swallowed. I look for the natural history moments in nature and eating is one of those events that help a specie survive.  Wonder what it was, crayfish or just plain fish?? til Tomorrow MJgrebe lunch

Horned Grebe

grebe portrait

Friends, this is a friendly horned grebe on Phantom Lake, the afternoon light was just right for a closeup portrait.  Those yellow feathers on each side of her head are the “horns”.  I don’t always get this close but he didn’t mind my vehicle.  til Tomorrow MJ

One More Grebe

horned grebe5Friends, one more horned grebe for your enjoyment, there are a few of these around Crex. Maybe Crex is a stopover on their migration, will be curious to see if they nest here.  til Tomorrow MJ

Birds of a Feather?

coots and grebeFriends, A solitary bird will often try to hide when a car approaches. This Horned Grebe was splashing around inside a massive flock of Coots that was trying to stay out of the wind.  No discrimination among the birds, the coots seemed to accept this grebe as one of their own, maybe because they all have red eyes,  til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Culture

horned grebeFriends, birders have a culture that includes an addiction to anything birdy, some list birds, watch birds, feed birds and photograph birds.  and some like me sit by the marshes waiting for a bird to just show up, this morning i went to see if I could find the loons that i had seen yesterday, but the only bird present in the fishing hole was this tiny grebe, I thought at first that it was one of hundreds of Pied billed grebes that are always around and almost drove past, but just for giggles i put my binocs on it and shreeked for joy,  I have never seen the horned grebe up close, but here he is in all his breeding finery, I love his yellow earmuffs,  enjoy, I sure did, til Tomorrow MJ


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