Weekly Photo Challenge:Culture

horned grebeFriends, birders have a culture that includes an addiction to anything birdy, some list birds, watch birds, feed birds and photograph birds.  and some like me sit by the marshes waiting for a bird to just show up, this morning i went to see if I could find the loons that i had seen yesterday, but the only bird present in the fishing hole was this tiny grebe, I thought at first that it was one of hundreds of Pied billed grebes that are always around and almost drove past, but just for giggles i put my binocs on it and shreeked for joy,  I have never seen the horned grebe up close, but here he is in all his breeding finery, I love his yellow earmuffs,  enjoy, I sure did, til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. What a wee emperor he is.

  2. GREAT shot Marge!!! � Misty Pine Photography� 13655 S. Fairbanks Road Gordon, WI 54838 EMAIL: mistypinephotography@yahoo.com� **publications:

  3. Check this out early Sat. AM before heading to Crex. Thought, boy, I’d like a shot of one of those guys. and…….Yea!!!…found three by the Pump House, near the road and got a bunch of shots. A first for me too.

  4. oh joyful day!!! wonderful shot of this funny looking fellow, with a very fancy feather-do!! i was lucky today too …got a better shot of a straw-necked ibis 🙂

  5. What an Interesting hair style, I mean….feather style.

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