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Weekly Photo Challenge:Fray

eagle and harrier

Friends, These juvenile birds are in a fray, the Harrier had occupied a post and the Bald Eagle thought he should leave so he dived on the Harrier and they both exploded into the air. I was ready with the big cannon lens (600mm) at Sherburne National Game Refuge.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin

summer butterfly

Friends, i love photographing beauty in nature and especially macro work, so while nosing around the wild lilies,in my childhood we called them tiger lilies, i discovered a small butterfly nectaring inside the cup.  He is a hairstreak and these small creatures are easily confused with the Karner Blue, a rare butterfly also found in Crex Meadows. til Tomorrow MJ other contributions on this theme can be found at this link

Weekly Photo Challenge:Container

red head

Friends,this red-headed woodpecker adult is leaving his baby in this tree container and removing garbage from the nest.  I know this image is a little soft, but i consider myself lucky to have caught him in flight.  This was in Necedah National Game Refuge where Jim and i are chasing wild Whooping Cranes and any other birds that fly in front of us.  This refuge seems to have a great number of red-headed woodpeckers that are absent from our neck of the woods.  til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Contrasting Owl Eyes


Friends, the weekly photo challenge this week is contrasts, and this mama great horned owl is a contrast to her baby who is just a few weeks old.  I think the old eyes show wisdom and quiet, while the youngster is wide-eyed with wonder at all the new things surrounding him.  Especially the crowd of photographers standing beneath his nest tree. til Tomorrow MJ eyes

Weekly Challenge: Room

a view from the top

Friends, this is room to wander in the badlands of North Dakota, this rock has enough room to sit and watch the sunrise over the foggy hills.  It is a place near and dear to my heart, where my mother was raised and i wandered as a child visiting beloved grandparents.  The clouds are mares tails, reminding me of the wild horses who still roam the park (Theodore Roosevelt National Park).  This is the first of several posts from this region, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Masterpiece

sorlandet2013Friends, this tall ship, the Sorlandet, is truly a masterpiece in workmanship. She is 210 feet in length and looks smaller than most because its sails are safely tucked away .  When this fully rigged ship has all sails out and full of wind, she should be quite impressive.  But during the parade she sailed in without sails.  The crew did display her flags and these were pretty flying on the breezes. So I am showing you one of the three tall ships of Norway. til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Fresh

morning glory macroFriends, this macro photo is the inside of a wild morning glory or bindweed.  Peering over the edge of the near petal and focused on the back petal.  I like the fresh abstract  feel to this image, just hinting at the softness within. til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:The Golden Hour

grouse jumptalking back grouseFriends, the sharptail grouse dance during the golden hour before dawn until after dawn, then they fly off with a female and do what grouse do. Til then they dance, jump and talk about it and often  have an attitude.  This image is from Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area and was taken early in the spring. I always freeze my fingers onto the shutter button, talk about cold, brrrrr  something to think about now that the temperatures are in the 80-90 range. til Tomorrow MJ


copper Friends, the horses run wild in the badlands within the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  This beautiful stallion is named Copper, and he was a herd sire of the wild ones.  This year he appeared alone, no mares or foals following him around.  They say he is injured and I hope he survives cause he is a pretty boy.   til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Companion


Friends, Jim and Bubba are my companions on most of my adventures, especially those away from home, we like to travel and this image was taken on our spring trip to badlands, South Dakota and North Dakota to compare notes on geology, plants, animals and weather.  The North Dakota bads won in my judgement, but I also have a sentimental attachment there as my grandparents lived there when i was a child.  Now with Jim and Bubba I travel the badlands searching for what I have already found, love,  til Tomorrow MJjim and bubba

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