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Weekly Photo Challenge:Fray

eagle and harrier

Friends, These juvenile birds are in a fray, the Harrier had occupied a post and the Bald Eagle thought he should leave so he dived on the Harrier and they both exploded into the air. I was ready with the big cannon lens (600mm) at Sherburne National Game Refuge.  til Tomorrow MJ

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Extra Extra

curious calf

Friends, this Bison calf has stirred up a cowbird in the green green grasses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.  The badlands have received lots of rain this year and the park is very green.  Good for Bison, birds and other wildlife that live here  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Challenge: Room

a view from the top

Friends, this is room to wander in the badlands of North Dakota, this rock has enough room to sit and watch the sunrise over the foggy hills.  It is a place near and dear to my heart, where my mother was raised and i wandered as a child visiting beloved grandparents.  The clouds are mares tails, reminding me of the wild horses who still roam the park (Theodore Roosevelt National Park).  This is the first of several posts from this region, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ


copper Friends, the horses run wild in the badlands within the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  This beautiful stallion is named Copper, and he was a herd sire of the wild ones.  This year he appeared alone, no mares or foals following him around.  They say he is injured and I hope he survives cause he is a pretty boy.   til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Curves

badlands landFriends, curves as in lumps of clay layers, this moonscape landscape is from the North Dakota Badlands and is composed of primarily  soft mud layers.  When we visited this spring, the wet gumbo kept us from exploring more of these formations. I did venture into this area a little too early before they were completely dry and wound up falling in the goop.  My camera still has little patches of clay attached but not in any critical parts. How embarasing !! I see you laughing!, til Tomorrow MJ

badlands land2

Weekly Photo Challenge:Up

Friends, look up in Crex Meadows early in the spring or late in the fall and you will see Greater Sandhill Cranes gathering in flocks.  In the sunset sky they land on their roost, and in the spring they land and dance on the brown reeds and sedges.  In the early summer they pair off and go to their nesting site to raise their young.  This time of year, they soar down to land in groups, and when landing, the dancing begins.  They pop up and down like popcorn, trying to find the right place to land without disturbing the residents who are already in the spot.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Big

Friends, Lake Superior, the biggest of the Great Lakes, and also the deepest and coldest.  This is an image of the harbor at Duluth Minnesota with a ore ship coming out of the docks and headed north.  These ships can be 1000 feet in length.  The fall foliage in Duluth is legendary and this is a view from Hawk Ridge where i have been photographing the fall migration of hawks (see previous blogs) so til Tomorrow MJ

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