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Returning to Fall

Dear Friends, need some color in my life right now, everything up here is gray, white or brown, I am working with a new colorspace, LAB in photoshop, gives wonderful colors without over saturating, this is true to what we saw this afternoon in the North Dakota Badlands, my favorite place on earth, til Tomorrow MJhills-lab2

The Chateau


Dear Friends, a bit of history in this chateau on the hill above Medora.  The French nobleman built this for his bride and it still stands today much as it was in the late 1800s.  til Tomrrow MJ

Blue and Gold


Dear Friends, this is typical hillside in North Dakota Badlands in the evening near sunset, the shadows are already blue and the clay is very warm. Everything in the badlands is being eroded and washing away into the river.  til Tomorrow MJ

Wild Horse Heaven


Dear Friends, the sunsets in the badlands are stunning and mystical cause you never know what will appear on the horizon. til Tomorrow MJ

Fall Cottonwoods Along the River


Dear Friends, The cottonwood and ash trees along the Little Missouri River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park are showing their fall foliage of yellow and orange.  The backlight late in the afternoon makes a brilliant image, til Tomorrow MJ



Dear Friends, The prairie dog is building a nest for winter or he is storing food, not sure which. Regardless, they are everywhere and soon they will take over the world. til Tomorrow MJ

A Peaceful Perch


Dear Friends, a peaceful perch in the badlands watching the rocks and listening to the lichens growing. til Tomorrow MJ

The Golden Hunter


Dear Friends, especially to you bird loving friends, this golden eagle was in North Dakota Badlands on the edge of a prairie dog town, under his feet is a small critter that he was having for brunch.  I love the feathered legs, til Tomorrow MJ

Badlands Muley Buck


Dear Friends, this mule deer buck was taken a few years ago, but i am learning a new color profile and thought this came out ok.  This buck is still in velvet and was found in a wash after sunset. til Tomorrow MJ

Wild Horses TRNP

Dear Friends, no trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park is complete without the an image of the wild horses.  This Black Stallion (either Mystery or Cocoa) is running to meet his buddies, he was well received and no fighting was observed. til Tomorrow MJ


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