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A Sunset Cruise


Dear Friends, these sandhill cranes are cruising into their evening roost site on Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows.  The sunset was glorious on Tuesday evening and I stopped for awhile to enjoy the view, til Tomorrow MJsunset-cruising

Wild Horse Heaven


Dear Friends, the sunsets in the badlands are stunning and mystical cause you never know what will appear on the horizon. til Tomorrow MJ


bw sunset

Dear Friends, Day 3 of 5 day Black and White Challenge.  This sunset in the rain was taken in the North Dakota Badlands, on top of Buck hill in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Juniper and cedar trees are prevalent in these landscapes, but one can usually see the sky, hence many sunrises and sunsets.  Black and white???  til Tomorrow MJ

Sunset in the Badlands

bucks at sunset

Friends, yes there are trees in the North Dakota Badlands.  These cottonwoods are along the Little Missouri River near Medora and the cedar and junipers are on north-facing slopes..  At sunset. the mule deer bucks head over the hill.  Hope you like the sunset in the badlands. til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Journey

Friends, this was a journey across the river near sunset and into evening.  She was bawling for her calf who meandered across the Little Missouri a few feet ahead of her,  She is a mature Bison cow and her splashing in the river got my attention.  I was photographing the sunset in the opposite direction and heard her behind me, I did not test her patience and made my way back to the vehicle.  When it comes to the Bison, I always give them the right of way, living to photograph another day. til Tomorrow MJ

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