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Black and White Cranes

Dear Friends, these sandhill cranes were only ten feet from our vehicle and were busy rooting in the mud for seafood to eat.  The mud is still clinging to their bills, now you see why they have long stout bills that don’t break when they hit a rock.  Do you like black and white treatment?  tilTomorrow MJ


Lots of Storms

storm clouds6

Dear Friends, i could not decide how to present this image, color or black and white, without the color it looks stormier, do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Day 5

Dear Friends, this original image in color is brown and black, not very appealing, so black and white might make it better, the only regret i have is leaving out the beautiful red eye of this coot in his breeding finery, til Tomorrow MJ

bw coot

Day 4 : Black and White

bwstorm badlands

Dear Friends, this black and white was taken in the badlands of North Dakota.  This storm chased us back in the vehicles but never did rain on us.  I am not a lover of black and white photography probably because my career was spent at an electron microscope and in a traditional black and white darkroom.  All work was done in black and white, but  i accepted the challenge so this is the work for this week.  til Tomorrow MJ


bw sunset

Dear Friends, Day 3 of 5 day Black and White Challenge.  This sunset in the rain was taken in the North Dakota Badlands, on top of Buck hill in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Juniper and cedar trees are prevalent in these landscapes, but one can usually see the sky, hence many sunrises and sunsets.  Black and white???  til Tomorrow MJ

Cranes Comparison

bw cranes comparison

Dear Friends, day 2 of black and white challenge and another crane image.  Those who know me, know that i spend most of my waking hours in the fall in the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, an area of wild rice marshes.  This is a comparison of the adult head (right bird) after preening with feathers raised and a juvenile head (left) who has not been preening.  Black and white still has to show something of interest (for me). so til Tomorrow MJ

Dancing in the Drizzle

crane adultbw

Dear Friends, accepting the 5 day black and white challenge issued by my friend, Jan.  Today was a very iffy day for light so black and white was quite appropriate and as usual the Sandhill Cranes at Crex Meadows, dancing for our entertainment, til Tomorrow MJ

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