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Lots of Storms

storm clouds6

Dear Friends, i could not decide how to present this image, color or black and white, without the color it looks stormier, do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Around the Bend

pan along the roadFriends, working hard to process some images for a contest, found this scene in among my old images.  It was taken as an HDR capture and two images wide to incorporate the trees on the left and the whole island in the mid-foreground, lots of computer processing to get all the details in the dark areas on the left and the bright yellow areas in the middle. do you like??, til Tomorrow MJ


A Quiet spot

quiet spot in woodsFriends, this quiet spot in the woods is like a dream for me, this image is an HDR and maybe a bit dramatic, but i like all the colors.  Something to look at in the drab months ahead, when i will have to make my own light and action.  Today is the eve of deer hunting and the deer will be hiding out for a few weeks to escape the hunters, not my favorite time of year.  Orange is the color this week. til Tomorrow MJ


Back At It

falls hdrFriends, I thought that returning to my images of Big Manitou Falls might help to refresh my creativity that has been a bit lacking lately.  I guess after photoing the Whooping Crane, I thought “I can’t do any better and everything else is boring”, but i need to push onward.  Winter is coming and all the boys are thinking deer hunting, so the orange clothing is lying about the living room, the guns are cleaned, the rifles sighted in and Saturday morning all the Wisconsin hunters will be out.  This image is an HDR that was made from three images, just to show that HDR can have a natural look.  til Tomorrow MJ


On the Way Home

shed landscapeFriends, this scene was on the way home from Hawk Ridge, the tamarack trees are conifers that turn golden in the fall and lose their needles for winter.  This old shed was a dramatic contrast to the bright trees and i had to turn around and photograph.  Photographers are an endangered specie cause every one thinks they can take an image just as good, but photography is in the creative eye not in the camera.  Comment if you agree, til Tomorrow MJ


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