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Fall Leaf


Dear Friends, do you see the tiny spider on this fall leaf? Just a hint, he is orange.  I love when you can see the individual cells in a leaf.  Saw this up on Lake Superior shore.  til Tomorrow MJ

Foliage is Gone

fall foliage23Friends, this is to remind me of the beautiful foliage that is now gone from this place.  Crex Meadows in the fall is truly an amazing place and i like to share with you. til Tomorrow MJ

The Last of Fall

fall 2014-2f11

Friends, the end of fall season and this scene has disappeared as we have snow on the ground this morning.  yuch, time to break out the overcoats and boots.  But i can enjoy this scene one more time.  the leaning trees are real and not an artifact of the wide angle lens, as you can see some straight trees in the background on the right side of the image, til Tomorrow MJ

Red-Headed Duck

red head 4 fall

Friends, fall is here in all her splendor and ducks are arriving daily.  This lone male red-headed duck was found north of us on Lake Superior.  Hope his friends are somewhere around cause he was hanging out with some mallard females. I think this image is an example of how light can change a good image into a better than average image, or dare i say great image.  The reflections of the fall foliage in the water helps to set off the duck colors, but what do you think? til Tomorrow MJ

On the Way Home

shed landscapeFriends, this scene was on the way home from Hawk Ridge, the tamarack trees are conifers that turn golden in the fall and lose their needles for winter.  This old shed was a dramatic contrast to the bright trees and i had to turn around and photograph.  Photographers are an endangered specie cause every one thinks they can take an image just as good, but photography is in the creative eye not in the camera.  Comment if you agree, til Tomorrow MJ


Fall Along the Amnicon River

the amnicon river fallFriends, still exploring the Amnicon River and found this sweet little Maple tree trying to turn into fall colors.  After our snow storm of yesterday, the leaves have probably fallen like the leaves on the far bank, camera club meeting tonight and our theme is fall colors. guess i will take this one along. til Tomorrow MJ


Fall at the Falls

upper falls amniconFriends, no I didn’t fall down, but yesterday was a lovely leaf-viewing day and again we went to Amnicon State Park to watch the rushing water of the Amnicon River.  I think this would make a great print, will try to print in the future, thanks JimE for the wonderful day, til Tomorrow MJ


Snake Pit Falls

snake pit fallsFriends, today we visit Snake Pit falls within the Amicon State Park.  This was a two-second exposure to blur the water yet keep the shady stones also with some detail.  I am experimenting with running water landscape photos.  A touch of fall in the leaves was also present. til Tomorrow MJ

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