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Then There were Three in a Tree

three in a tree Friends, sorry for the alliteration, i couldn’t resist.  The cedar waxwings are migrating thru Duluth Mn on the shores of Lake Superior.  This dead birch tree made a handy lookout for these three, they didn’t stay for long, just long enough for me to photo.  The bird in the middle is an immature but still has the yellow tip on the tail. The little round red blob is a berry that the right bird dropped when he landed   til Tomorrow MJ

Wind Canyon

Friends, going through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we come to a small parking lot near the north end of the road.  The sign says Wind Canyon and a short trail leads you to the top of the canyon where you can see carved figures of sandstone below you, like this golden man standing on a pedestal. A gigantic tree is growing from the bottom of the canyon, but a warning, the trail to the canyon bottom is wicked.  You can slide on the sandstone to the bottom, but coming back up, you not only fight gravity but sandstone is so smooth that getting any purchase on the rock is difficult. til Tomorrow MJgolden man

Waiting for Spring

snow house kestrelFriends, this image says winter and waiting for it to be over, the return of the bird to its house would definitely say spring, but first we have to melt these gigantic drifts.  This was found in the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, a vast wilderness that only contains snowmobilers and rugged photographers in the winter.  Good thing we have four=wheel drive on the pickup, almost got stuck on a trail that had not been plowed very well, so if you go, watch the width of the road, if it narrows too much it has probably turned into a trail, not a road.  til Tomorrow MJ


Fall Along the Amnicon River

the amnicon river fallFriends, still exploring the Amnicon River and found this sweet little Maple tree trying to turn into fall colors.  After our snow storm of yesterday, the leaves have probably fallen like the leaves on the far bank, camera club meeting tonight and our theme is fall colors. guess i will take this one along. til Tomorrow MJ


Northern Lights

big dipperFriends, this is my first attempt at photographing the northern lights, last night with Jim at the end of our road (Webster Wi).  I couldn’t resist including the big dipper in this shot, somehow made it more interesting.  The lights were not spectacular but just a warm glow on the horizon.  til Tomorrow MJ


Watercolor Sunday

fall foliage in motionDear Friends, the fall foliage is getting brighter every day and this was along the St. Croix River. I like  the watercolor effects of photoshop so this is a watercolor Sunday.  til Tomorrow MJ


Prairie Songster

meadowlarkFriends, this songster is a Western Meadowlark and he is singing from a tree, usually you find them on the ground or on a fencepost, singing singing singing.  This time of year they are everywhere on the prairie lands of South Dakota and I always stop to try to capture an image of them. That yellow shirt with the black tie looks a bit formal but daring at the same time.  I think they are my favorite bird and the state bird of North Dakota. Too bad I couldn’t capture their pretty song. til Tomorrow MJ


Tree Abstract

Friends, this abstract is actually the woods at Amicon Falls State Park.  I am experimenting with a broken lens and moving the camera during the 1 second exposure.  Most of what i shot was junk, but i liked this shot.  so i am sharing it with you.  I am always fighting with freezing the motion, so in this photo i was accentuating the motion as others on the blogs are doing.  I am learning that i like the strong verticals as long as they are not overexposed and the green accents.  Can’t wait to try this technique on fall foliage, coming soon the maples are already starting to turn, til Tomorrow MJ

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