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From the Top

wind canyon2

Friends, thia is the view from the top of wind canyon looking north from the hiking trail.  These large blocks of sandstone have fallen from the hill and some have been so eroded by wind and rain that they have holes all the way through their bulk.  The banks rise above the Little Missouri River sometimes called locally the Little Muddy or Little Misery, depending on your mood for the day.  The day that we visited, the sky was beautiful with cumulus clouds dominating this scene.  til Tomorrow MJ

Wind Canyon

Friends, going through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we come to a small parking lot near the north end of the road.  The sign says Wind Canyon and a short trail leads you to the top of the canyon where you can see carved figures of sandstone below you, like this golden man standing on a pedestal. A gigantic tree is growing from the bottom of the canyon, but a warning, the trail to the canyon bottom is wicked.  You can slide on the sandstone to the bottom, but coming back up, you not only fight gravity but sandstone is so smooth that getting any purchase on the rock is difficult. til Tomorrow MJgolden man

Sandstone Wind Erosion

Friends, Sandstone comes in many hues from white to a deep gold color in the Wind Canyon area of the southern Little Missouri Badlands.  Wind Canyon is a class room for wind erosion effects on soft sandstone.  The wind carves caves, caverns and figures in the soft stone.  Many have carved their initials in the rock, only to return a short time later to find them washed away with the sand.  The bottom image is another wind-eroded area of Wind Canyon showing pencil tips figures. til Tomorrow MJ

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