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Green Heron

Dear friends, this is not your typical image of a Green Heron, but it shows his beautiful back feathers in the spring. He was fishing alone in the shade and I never can resist parking along the road to capture these guys. til Tomorrow MJ

LAB Grand Canyon


Dear Friends, this is a landscape of the many layers of Grand Canyon.  Done in minutes with the LAB colorspace The geology of these layers is an open book to the past, I love layers, til Tomorrow MJ

LAB Landscape

bell-rock-n4cDear Friends, since I am fighting with breast cancer, I have had a few quiet days to explore more photoshop.  I am experimenting with LAB color space with some of my old images.  This one is Bell Rock just south of Sedona Arizona, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Blue and Gold


Dear Friends, this is typical hillside in North Dakota Badlands in the evening near sunset, the shadows are already blue and the clay is very warm. Everything in the badlands is being eroded and washing away into the river.  til Tomorrow MJ

More Experiments

01,WC185,DP,Crystal CaveDear Friends, this is a composite image resulting from 40 images taken with macro lens and a focus step approach, even at f16, the depth of focus was not sufficient to render all the details in this tiny group of green crystals, so i step focused with my Camranger and put the images together with photoshop, this tiny crystal cave is an area of about 1 square mm and the color of the rock around the crystal was a surprise, do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Lighting Lesson

badlands hdr hillFriends, Practicing my hdr technique, this image was composited from three exposures, one right on and one overexposed and one underexposed.  The sky was trying to wash out and the shadows on the right trees were getting lost in the dark.  So hdr was used to reclaim those details.  When I first explored the world of photography, I was told to put the sun at my back and shoot, but this often results in a flat image with details obscured. While attending a workshop on butterfly photography, the leader emphasized that the wing details can be enhanced by side lighting, This hill is a great example of side lighting bringing out the erosion details. So are you going to try??, til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Curves

badlands landFriends, curves as in lumps of clay layers, this moonscape landscape is from the North Dakota Badlands and is composed of primarily  soft mud layers.  When we visited this spring, the wet gumbo kept us from exploring more of these formations. I did venture into this area a little too early before they were completely dry and wound up falling in the goop.  My camera still has little patches of clay attached but not in any critical parts. How embarasing !! I see you laughing!, til Tomorrow MJ

badlands land2

South to North

south hillsFriends, this image above is the red in the South Dakota Badlands and the image below is the red color in the North Dakota Badlands.  In SD the sediment layers are the pink hue and in ND the red color is a deeper hue and due to scoria outcroppings.  Just one of the differences between south and north. til Tomorrow MJ

scoria point



Friends, Pipestone National Monument protects the pipestone site that has been a quarry for Native Americans to mine pipestone.  For many generations, the Native Americans have journeyed here to mine the pipestone and take it home to their people.    The red rock is soft like soapstone and can be carved into amulets and pipes easily with primitive tools.  The site is open to Natives to mine the red rock, but closed to others of non-native heritage.  The pipe was a sacred ceremony among the Natives and an important object in the preservation of their culture.  The ribbons attached to the tree  are prayer bundles left to thank the Great Spirit.  We visited this green oasis and wandered the paths to the falls and quarries on our way west. My friend and I wrote a story about Pipestone earlier    til Tomorrow MJ

Along French Creek

red rock custer2 star lilyFriends, today we are in Custer State Park and walking along the trail at French Creek.  The star lilies greeted us at the trailhead then the red rock high above our heads. Enjoy your walk this morning. til Tomorrow MJ


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