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01,WC185,DP,Crystal CaveDear Friends, this is a composite image resulting from 40 images taken with macro lens and a focus step approach, even at f16, the depth of focus was not sufficient to render all the details in this tiny group of green crystals, so i step focused with my Camranger and put the images together with photoshop, this tiny crystal cave is an area of about 1 square mm and the color of the rock around the crystal was a surprise, do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Green Eyes


Friends, those of you who know cormorants, know that this is a characteristic pose, he is a double-crrested cormorant from Sherburne National Game Refuge near St. Cloud Minnesota, On our little road trip. a whole colony of these birds perched on dead tree stumps..  I love their eye colors, that sea green glow, priceless, til Tomorrow MJ

Crex Reflections

summer crexFriends, summer is almost over and soon i will move my photography to Hawk Ridge to record the fall migration, but here is one more landscape from Crex Meadows so you will know where i spend most of my photo time.  A more horizontal composition to depict the peaceful quiet summer in this very green place, til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Green


Friends, thinking about traveling this morning and escaping the drab winter days of February and the upcoming winds of March.  This green river was found in Yellowstone National Park but i don’t remember the name, is it important to remember the name? I do remember the feeling as i watched the water run by, of peace and joy at being out in nature on a wonderfully warm and sunny day.  I wish you peace and joy, and patience while waiting for spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

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