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Blue and Gold


Dear Friends, this is typical hillside in North Dakota Badlands in the evening near sunset, the shadows are already blue and the clay is very warm. Everything in the badlands is being eroded and washing away into the river.  til Tomorrow MJ

At Amicon River


Friends, went looking for fall foliage yesterday and headed for the Amicon River in northern Wisconsin.  I love retirement when I can go to work in the northwoods, searching for running water and fall foliage on a warm day in October.  The only thing that would improve this would be to have a companion along in case i fall into the water.  But I am pretty careful when i am out alone and always find the pretty spots to photo.  I will be out again today. til Tomorrow MJsitting by the amicon

Stoney River

stone riverFriends, this snow covered landscape is the stoney river of northern Minnesota.  You can see how it got its name, and the beautiful frosty morning when we flew by on Hwy 1 from Lake Superior to Ely Minnesota.  I made the husband stop so I could venture back across the bridge to shoot pictures, you like??, I do, maybe a print for my wall, til Tomorrow MJ

Along the River

Friends, most of the badlands in North Dakota are very dry (arid) except the area directly adjacent to the Little Missouri River.  The Whitetail deer are found mainly along the river while Mule deer are found in the drier areas. This Whitetail buck posed for us in the fall with his antlers polished and ready to chase the girls.  White tails are smaller than mule deer and get their name from the white underside of  their tails that they flag when they flee from danger.  The bucks grow antlers every spring and summer, then shed their antlers every winter to begin the cycle over again.  The whitetails have antlers with tines coming off a main beam.  In this image you can see his all white tail and his antlers are quite typical for a whitetail buck.  Below image is the Little Missouri River bottom. til Tomorrow MJ


Friends, thinking about traveling this morning and escaping the drab winter days of February and the upcoming winds of March.  This green river was found in Yellowstone National Park but i don’t remember the name, is it important to remember the name? I do remember the feeling as i watched the water run by, of peace and joy at being out in nature on a wonderfully warm and sunny day.  I wish you peace and joy, and patience while waiting for spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

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