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Snow and Ice -What’s to Like

Dear Friends, these cranes get a little cranky when they step on the ice and it dumps them into the cold water.  they are slowly living the area, til Tomorrow MJconfrontation

Eider eider eider

eider female

Dear Friends, this Eider duck (female) is hanging out with the mallards, pintails and gulls in the shipping canal of Duluth harbor.  What is she doing here, she doesn’t eat french fries, cheetos or bread that people are throwing out on the water, she eats mussels, swallowing them whole and sitting out while her crop crushes the shells and digests the contents.  Maybe the influx of zebra mussels into Lake Superior is attracting the mussel eaters, cause the golden eyed ducks are also active at this site. til Tomorrow MJ

Pintail on Ice

pintail on ice

Dear Friends, this northern pintail duck (male) was hidden in among many mallards in the canal of Duluth on Wednesday, lots of broken ice was also floating through the canal and i made this image.  I love his detailed feathers on the side. til Tomorrow MJ


blue balance3Friends, having a meltdown as our snow was starting to recede, but this morning we had 8 inches of fresh snow.  Between snow, cold and a non-functioning vehicle, i am very tired of this winter and anxious for it to be over.  On a recent trip to Lake Superior shores, ii found this ice chunk speaking of balance.  Balancing emotions like this ice chunk resting on a bigger ice chunk reminds me to trust in something bigger than myself, so today i am again back to the blogging.  til Tomorrow MJ


More ICE (sigh)

icecilesFriends, I think that more ice is rather depressing, but that is what is out there at this season, I have been hunting the Snowy Owl that has been hanging out in Crex, but with no success.  I am bummed. til Tomorrow MJ


Water Trail


Friends, this pair of ring billed ducks are cropped to emphasize the water trail that they leave behind while swimming, the ice on the ponds is almost gone and yesterday was a great day at Crex Meadows, lots of sun and warmth in my blind (read faithful Chevy), I was watching a pair of loons diving along a sheet of ice, once they came up within ten feet of me and my camera, yes i got the image, will show it in a later post, til Tomorrow MJpair of ringneck ducks

More Ice

icy3Friends, I know more ice, sorry , it is melting but the grass is still brown, need some green so i am going to the Conservatory tomorrow to get some flower power, the greens and blues in this ice will have to do for today, til Tomorrow MJ

Superior Ice

icicles2Friends, just returned from up north as we say here when we venture northward, Lake Superior and the west shores are considered up north and highway 61 is north shore drive, altho it is along the west shore.  I could not resist these giant icicles hanging from the boulders at Stony Point Beach.  So I will share them with you, til Tomorrow MJ



waitingFriends, these Trumpeter Swans are waiting, patiently for the snow and ice to melt, I am not so patient, I go to the Meadows in expectation to find nothing new, bummer, maybe i will have to visit elsewhere to find some action, maybe the waves on Lake Superior will talk to me about spring, but last time i visited there, the waves were washing in the ice shards, sharp and glasslike panes, having family for Easter, so I guess cleaning house is the order of the day, til Tomorrow MJ


March Pond


Friends, this pond is near our home in northern Wisconsin, last year at this time the tamarack trees were starting to get new needles.  This year every thing is covered with 12 inches of snow and the pond is ice. When spring does arrive, this scene will repeat itself on the first warm sunny day with no ice and snow.  til Tomorrow MJMarch pond

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