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Snow and Ice -What’s to Like

Dear Friends, these cranes get a little cranky when they step on the ice and it dumps them into the cold water.  they are slowly living the area, til Tomorrow MJconfrontation

Great Gray in the Snow

great gray in snow

Dear Friends, this great gray owl is from my archive, the same owl as yesterday’s post, taken after he landed ten feet away and asked for a mouse, but i have no mice so off he went after giving me a few frames of pleasure, i sure love the owls, til Tomorrow MJ

Beautiful Bubba


Dear Friends, don’t usually post personal pictures, but in editing old images i came across this one of our dog, Bubba, i love the snow whiskers on his face, yes he is a big dog, over 110# of mischief and mayhem, til Tomorrow MJ

Another Snowy

sweet morning snowie

Dear Friends, been out chasing the birdies that have stayed this winter or have arrived from the north, NW Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota  is their south for the winter.  This Snowy Owl is perched on a light stand near the Walmart in Superior but one of my friends, doesn’t like owls on a post, so i edited it out 🙂 .  I love the eyes. til Tomrrow MJ

Christmas Redpoll

christmas bird

Dear Friends, this Redpoll has come to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, he was in the Sax Zim bog the day after a snowstorm, so Merry Merry and see you in the New year, tilTomorrow MJ

Cranes are Leaving

taking off adult

Dear Friends, This Sandhill crane is leaving the country, and i wish i could go along. We had 14 inches of new snow and temps in the teens (F).  Guess winter has arrived here in Wisconsin so the roads are plugged and being plowed as they come up on the list.  The roads at Crex are low in priority, but should be open for the weekend. til Tomorrow MJ

Wildlife Art by JimE Springett
Tune into my husbands wildlife painting site to purchase an original oil of the Crex experience. These paintings make an affordable Christmas present for any wildlife lover. His link to wordpress site is:

Fall Sunset

sunset cranes22

Dear Friends, with my feet up and sitting in my lawn chair, watching the sunset and the cranes come into the roost sight, does life get better than this??  In the fall watching the cranes is my idea of perfect, however, it could be a little warmer.  Tomorrow a big snow storm, so enjoy the heat while you can, til Tomorrow MJ

Time to Go

time to go cranes fly

Dear Friends, with two inches of fresh snow this morning, this will be a common sight on Crex Meadows.  The Sandhill Cranes will start to leave for cornfields and marshes further south. I will be sad when they leave, they are better than watching television.  But the sun is shining today so guess i will grab my camera and venture outdoors.  til Tomorrow MJ

The Last of Fall

fall 2014-2f11

Friends, the end of fall season and this scene has disappeared as we have snow on the ground this morning.  yuch, time to break out the overcoats and boots.  But i can enjoy this scene one more time.  the leaning trees are real and not an artifact of the wide angle lens, as you can see some straight trees in the background on the right side of the image, til Tomorrow MJ

Waiting for Spring

snow house kestrelFriends, this image says winter and waiting for it to be over, the return of the bird to its house would definitely say spring, but first we have to melt these gigantic drifts.  This was found in the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, a vast wilderness that only contains snowmobilers and rugged photographers in the winter.  Good thing we have four=wheel drive on the pickup, almost got stuck on a trail that had not been plowed very well, so if you go, watch the width of the road, if it narrows too much it has probably turned into a trail, not a road.  til Tomorrow MJ


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