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Another Snowy

sweet morning snowie

Dear Friends, been out chasing the birdies that have stayed this winter or have arrived from the north, NW Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota  is their south for the winter.  This Snowy Owl is perched on a light stand near the Walmart in Superior but one of my friends, doesn’t like owls on a post, so i edited it out 🙂 .  I love the eyes. til Tomrrow MJ

Sleepy Snowy

sleepy snowyFriends, Jim and i went to Duluth on a very bright day and found the Snowy Owl sitting on the snow high above us, he posed but would not open his eyes.  The eye shape was probably the inspiration for snow goggles worn in the northland to minimize the snow reflections on a bright day.  Just a horizontal slit in a piece of leather served to diminish the amount of light that enters the eye.  We had to follow a snowmobile track and fell into thigh high snow when stepping off the track, but we got out where we could photograph without the sun directly behind the owl.  The telephoto did the rest to get us close enough, this image is also cropped greatly.  Snowing today but we will return on another day.  til Tomorrow MJ


Snowy Owl in Flight, as promised

flying snowyFriends, as promised this snowy owl is flying toward the sun and sorry about the head, but you have to get what is given, as he leaped from the post perch, he revealed his underside and his killer talons, you may also see that he is banded on his right leg, can’t read the band but appears to contain a circle with a 3 inside it, others with more knowledge may be able to help with this band id.  the sky was very gray and just diffuse light so this was the best that i could do that day under the circumstances, the next good day i will again be hunting. til Tomorrow MJ


Snowy Owl, my version

snowy perchedFriends, this snowy owl was found in Duluth and is quite the celebrity.  He is in the same place every day and many photographers in this part of the country have taken his picture.  Well i am certainly no exception, so yesterday our frigid temps moderated a little and i ventured northward.  He was sitting a very long way away when i first arrived, but then flew to this perch above the ball fields.  I was able to maneuver my vehicle to within about 30 feet of his perch.  I liked this image because his tail feathers were blowing in the wind.  He stayed here for about 40 minutes then flew back to his dirt pile perch that was too far for my telephoto lens.  I got one image of his underside when he flew away, i will show that image tomorrow. til Tomorrow MJ


Frosty Morning

frosty weedFriends, yesterday we had a little warm-up to 29 degrees F above zero, so Jim and I and the dog went for a stroll in Crex Meadows.  Every little detail was covered with hoar frost and I was able to shoot without gloves. What a treat to see the top of tiny trees painted with white, I love the bokeh background in this shot, we did not see the Snowy Owl but heard it was still in the area, maybe we will return today and search for her. til Tomorrow MJ


Snowy Owl in the Snow storm

snowy with colorFriends, today we found a Snowy Owl in Crex Meadows.We haven’t seen one of these in Crex since 2005.  This shot is really an extreme crop and a big stretch for my telephoto lens, but we were thrilled to see this owl even at a distance. This was a remeinder for me to get back to work after a short hiatus at Thanksgiving. til Tomorrow MJ


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