Snowy Owl, my version

snowy perchedFriends, this snowy owl was found in Duluth and is quite the celebrity.  He is in the same place every day and many photographers in this part of the country have taken his picture.  Well i am certainly no exception, so yesterday our frigid temps moderated a little and i ventured northward.  He was sitting a very long way away when i first arrived, but then flew to this perch above the ball fields.  I was able to maneuver my vehicle to within about 30 feet of his perch.  I liked this image because his tail feathers were blowing in the wind.  He stayed here for about 40 minutes then flew back to his dirt pile perch that was too far for my telephoto lens.  I got one image of his underside when he flew away, i will show that image tomorrow. til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. amazing, white on white, well captured MJ!

  2. Fantastic. I’ve never seen a snowy owl – would love to be able to photograph one sometime.

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