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Tamron 150-600 mm Sharp

original eagle comparison eagleFriends, I have been distressed by those who claim that the new Tamron 150-600 mm lens produces a soft image, so i set about testing what i sensed is true about this lens.  The top image is the original image of an eagle sitting on her nest in the fall (now) after the immatures have left.  The bottom left image is a 23% crop of the original (77% of the pixels were cut) raw image shot with the 150-600 mm extended to full 600 mm and focused on the yellow eye.  The bottom right image is the same extreme crop with a software cleanup.  You can judge for yourself.  til Tomorrow MJ

Red-Headed Woodpecker

red headed2

Friends, this is a red-headed woodpecker from Necedah National Wildlife Refuge taken this summer.  This image is a little softer than i would like but also shows the reason why i wished to obtain a new telephoto lens. My new Tamron 150-600 mm is much sharper and will be a valuable tool til Tomorrow MJ

Snowy Owl in the Snow storm

snowy with colorFriends, today we found a Snowy Owl in Crex Meadows.We haven’t seen one of these in Crex since 2005.  This shot is really an extreme crop and a big stretch for my telephoto lens, but we were thrilled to see this owl even at a distance. This was a remeinder for me to get back to work after a short hiatus at Thanksgiving. til Tomorrow MJ


Birds in Flight

Friends, today I will address photographing moving targets. Recently, we  journeyed again to the Bog in Northern Minnesota, a haven for winter birds.  The photo technique is really quite simple, but lots of practice is needed to stay sharp.  First pick an aperture that will give you a very fast shutter speed.  In this case the telephoto lens (400mm) is open all the way (f5.6) and the shutter speed on a lovely clear winter day was 1/500 with ISO of 100.  I focused on the bird (female pine grosbeak) at the top of the tree and waited until it tipped ready to fly.  Then leaned on the shutter until the bird was gone. See simple 🙂 til Tomorrow MJ

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