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A Winter Guest


Dear Friends, this boy(Pileated Woodpecker) was shopping for groceries in our 3 inches of new snow.   Jim had just put out a new suet block and he zeroed in on it.  The red dash under his chin marks him as a male, on females that spot is black.  Hope they will nest here in our woods, may have to sit out in the woods to see where they are working, til Tomorrow MJ

A Winter Visitor

lewis woody closeup

Dear Friends, this my dear friends is a Lewis Woodpecker who has flown a bit off course, he belongs west of the Rockies, but somehow has drifted into Wisconsin.  I and two friends traveled all day ( in the comfort of a lovely modern pickup) and found this bird in a rural farm yard, he had been reported here previously.  I am in love with the feathers on this bird, til Tomorrow MJ

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

woody1Dear Friends, a friendly red bellied female wood pecker was busy at the bird feeders, hope you like the bokeh background til Tomorrow MJ

Red-Headed Woodpecker

red headed2

Friends, this is a red-headed woodpecker from Necedah National Wildlife Refuge taken this summer.  This image is a little softer than i would like but also shows the reason why i wished to obtain a new telephoto lens. My new Tamron 150-600 mm is much sharper and will be a valuable tool til Tomorrow MJ

Red – Head

red headFriends, this beautiful bird is a first for me, I have never seen the Red-headed Woodpecker before and at the same time being able to photograph.  The image is a bit grainy but i wanted to share with my friends on WordPress.  This bird was found in Custer State Park in South Dakota and along the 4 mile Creek road.   til Tomorrow MJ


Little Woody

Friends, this is a downy woodpecker who is perched on a bush along the mighty Mississippi River. This image had no color hence the black and white treatment.   I photographed this tiny bird while visiting with a friend in Red Wing Minnesota.  This friend is one of the few that i can really photograph with, cause we go separate directions and get lost in our respective visions for an hour or more.  Depending on the weather, we eventually meet at the vehicle when we have finished.  I am always surprised at the subjects that i choose to photograph as opposed to what she chooses.  I am always centered on birds and on this particular day, she was focused on bittersweet, hope she got some good ones. til Tomorrow MJ

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