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Do you have your jacket?

Dear Friends, this is a typical uniform for me when taking nature photographs in Crex or other places, from sturdy boots to sunglasses at all times.  These items are necessary to stay warm and dry, the missing items in this image are a tripod and cap.  On colder days a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, on warmer days i lose the sweatshirt, My father always said before we left the house, ” do you have your jacket”, lesson learned.  Now if i could only teach my husband to bring a jacket because the weather can change so quickly and drastically especially in the spring.  So do you have your jacket? til Tomorrow MJMarge April2,2015

Red-Headed Woodpecker

red headed2

Friends, this is a red-headed woodpecker from Necedah National Wildlife Refuge taken this summer.  This image is a little softer than i would like but also shows the reason why i wished to obtain a new telephoto lens. My new Tamron 150-600 mm is much sharper and will be a valuable tool til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Container

red head

Friends,this red-headed woodpecker adult is leaving his baby in this tree container and removing garbage from the nest.  I know this image is a little soft, but i consider myself lucky to have caught him in flight.  This was in Necedah National Game Refuge where Jim and i are chasing wild Whooping Cranes and any other birds that fly in front of us.  This refuge seems to have a great number of red-headed woodpeckers that are absent from our neck of the woods.  til Tomorrow MJ



red head feeding

Friends, while visiting the Necedah National Game Refuge in central Wisconsin, we spied this adult red-headed woodpecker feeding a youngster in the nest hole.  They are high above me in a red pine that was broken off on the top.  The little one is starting to get his red on his head and the next time we went to visit, he had left the nest.  This day he was very active and the adult would chatter at him when he tried to venture too far out of the hole.  He is out finding his own food now, but we could still hear the adult bird chattering at him. til Tomorrow MJ

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