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bobolink final

Dear Friends, this male bobolink sings from a small bush in Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in central Wisconsin.  We went there to see the spring Whooping Cranes but they were all too far away for good pictures, so we settled on the smaller birds.  The red-headed woodpecker is not hard to find here and they nest in the refuge, one of them nests very close to the visitors center. til Tomorrow MJ


red head feeding

Friends, while visiting the Necedah National Game Refuge in central Wisconsin, we spied this adult red-headed woodpecker feeding a youngster in the nest hole.  They are high above me in a red pine that was broken off on the top.  The little one is starting to get his red on his head and the next time we went to visit, he had left the nest.  This day he was very active and the adult would chatter at him when he tried to venture too far out of the hole.  He is out finding his own food now, but we could still hear the adult bird chattering at him. til Tomorrow MJ

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