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bobolink final

Dear Friends, this male bobolink sings from a small bush in Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in central Wisconsin.  We went there to see the spring Whooping Cranes but they were all too far away for good pictures, so we settled on the smaller birds.  The red-headed woodpecker is not hard to find here and they nest in the refuge, one of them nests very close to the visitors center. til Tomorrow MJ


Friends, this beautiful bird is a bobolink, a male in breeding plummage, the yellow on the back of his head is a defining mark. After the summer solstice, he will become just another drab brown bird, but now in his heyday, he is busy showing off for the ladies.  They nest on the ground, mostly in grassy fields, but the cutting of hay crops have dented their population.  Here in Crex, the grass is allowed to grow forever and i find bobolinks occasionally.  Emily Dickinson writes of their boisterous nature:

The Bobolink is gone -The Rowdy of the Meadow -And no one swaggers now but me -The Presbyterian Birds-Can now resume the Meeting-He boldly interrupted that overflowing Day-When supplicating mercy-In a portentous way-He swung upon the Decalogue-And shouted let us pray -Emily Dicinson

I love the last line. til Tomorrow MJ

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