Little Woody

Friends, this is a downy woodpecker who is perched on a bush along the mighty Mississippi River. This image had no color hence the black and white treatment.   I photographed this tiny bird while visiting with a friend in Red Wing Minnesota.  This friend is one of the few that i can really photograph with, cause we go separate directions and get lost in our respective visions for an hour or more.  Depending on the weather, we eventually meet at the vehicle when we have finished.  I am always surprised at the subjects that i choose to photograph as opposed to what she chooses.  I am always centered on birds and on this particular day, she was focused on bittersweet, hope she got some good ones. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Show Jim how thus bird’s feet holds onto the limb. His last two little birds didn’t cling to the limb correctly. You can help. He misses little things like that from time to time..I’m trying to get him to pay attention to details jw

  2. MJ, that is a great photograph of the downie. Congrats!

  3. they are so cute!

  4. Great shot! I bet the bittersweet was good too.

  5. Beautiful shot.

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