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Eagle Moon


Dear Friends, this eagle was very cooperative and so was the moon, the temps were below zero this morning so his feathers are fluffed to retain the body heat. til Tomorrow MJeagle-on-the-moon

Bald Eagle Molt

eagle molting

Dear Friends, this gloomy gray winter weather has me lying in bed, processing images from last summer, this was taken in August and from the errant feather under his left wing, I think he was molting.  The rest of his body feathers look a bit worn and this was after a substantial rain storm, til Tomorrow MJ

Bald Eagles

eagle world

Dear Friends, just a couple of eagles hanging around on a windy day, drove all day and this is all i could find in Crex Meadows. Ready to go further north now that the bird feeders are taken down, they know how to attract birds in the winter up in Sax Zim Bog, take a lesson Crex til Tomorrow MJ

Tamron 150-600 mm Sharp

original eagle comparison eagleFriends, I have been distressed by those who claim that the new Tamron 150-600 mm lens produces a soft image, so i set about testing what i sensed is true about this lens.  The top image is the original image of an eagle sitting on her nest in the fall (now) after the immatures have left.  The bottom left image is a 23% crop of the original (77% of the pixels were cut) raw image shot with the 150-600 mm extended to full 600 mm and focused on the yellow eye.  The bottom right image is the same extreme crop with a software cleanup.  You can judge for yourself.  til Tomorrow MJ

The Harrier Ballet

young harrier perch

Friends, this hatch year Northern Harrier is leaping from his perch in response to an attack by a hatch year Bald Eagle.  I showed the fray in an earlier post.  Yesterday I went to Hawk Ridge in Duluth Minnesota in preparation for the upcoming fall migration of raptors and passerines.  Not much to report yet, but found some cedar waxwings and white throated sparrows on the hill top so til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Fray

eagle and harrier

Friends, These juvenile birds are in a fray, the Harrier had occupied a post and the Bald Eagle thought he should leave so he dived on the Harrier and they both exploded into the air. I was ready with the big cannon lens (600mm) at Sherburne National Game Refuge.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge here

Independence Day Eagles

departure2 eagle has flown mature bald eagle down

Friends, here a happy fourth of July to you all, these Bald Eagles are symbols of our country, so from top to bottom, an immature leaving a perch, a first year bird on the first day out of the nest, and a watchful adult teaching his youngster how to hunt. til Tomorrow MJ

A Full Moon to Remember

eagle on the moonFriends, night of the full moon, Jan 15 2013, yes this is a composite image, but couldn’t resist showing it on this blog, the eagle was at Hawk Ridge, and the full moon from above our house last January.  Sometimes Photoshop is an artist’s best friend, do you mind??, til Tomorrow MJ



eagle matureFriends, this mature bald eagle is enjoying the day perched in a birch tree.  There were four eagles in this spot, guarding a road kill that was ripe for scavenging.  The snow is getting much deeper today and we have had about 12 inches in this storm so far, hope it stops soon.  Til Tomorrow MJ


Screamin Eagle

screaming eagleFriends, on my way to Hawk Ridge last week, i found a family of Bald Eagles in the trees along the road, they all flew away, but this one stayed to visit with me for awhile.  While sitting there, he yawned, but in this image he looks like he is screaming.  The leaves are almost gone up north, so now we can see the birds.  til Tomorrow MJ


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