Screamin Eagle

screaming eagleFriends, on my way to Hawk Ridge last week, i found a family of Bald Eagles in the trees along the road, they all flew away, but this one stayed to visit with me for awhile.  While sitting there, he yawned, but in this image he looks like he is screaming.  The leaves are almost gone up north, so now we can see the birds.  til Tomorrow MJ


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Posted on October 26, 2013, in Birds, Nature, photography and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Amazing picture! Where did you capture it.

  2. Such a cloudy day- boring weather.

  3. Can you tell what sex it is?

  4. He is certainly majestic.

  5. You lucky duck…..I am once again jealous….jim

  6. Great shot although he does like you snapped it before he had his coffee.

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