Foxy Sparrow

fox sparrowFriends, not sure of the identity of this birdie, i think maybe a fox sparrow, but not sure.  He was busily eating seeds at the Hawk Ridge feeders.  No raptors were close by, so i guess he was safe.  What is he? tip Tomorrow MJ

ps Tom please call me


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  1. It is indeed a Fox Sparrow. Nice!

  2. If he is the size of a robin, fox sparrow for sure. I spent an entire day at my place down by Fish Lake trying to identify a bunch that showed up a couple of falls ago. I had no idea that sparrows came in that size. Finally one turned so I could see the front markings and complete the ID. They stayed close to the edge of the “yard” so it was hard to see enough to make an identification.

  3. it is a cute one for sure. Hugs, Barbara

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