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The Harrier Ballet

young harrier perch

Friends, this hatch year Northern Harrier is leaping from his perch in response to an attack by a hatch year Bald Eagle.  I showed the fray in an earlier post.  Yesterday I went to Hawk Ridge in Duluth Minnesota in preparation for the upcoming fall migration of raptors and passerines.  Not much to report yet, but found some cedar waxwings and white throated sparrows on the hill top so til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Down

Friends, last summer on a trip to our seaport, Duluth Minnesota, we were photographing the giant lupines that grow on the bluffs over Lake Superior.  Looking down at my feet, we found this Luna moth who begged for attention. These moths are very large with a wingspan of 4-4.5 inches and they only live for one week. I had never seen one in the wild so this made my day.  til Tomorrow MJ

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