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The Golden Hunter


Dear Friends, especially to you bird loving friends, this golden eagle was in North Dakota Badlands on the edge of a prairie dog town, under his feet is a small critter that he was having for brunch.  I love the feathered legs, til Tomorrow MJ

Bald Eagle Molt

eagle molting

Dear Friends, this gloomy gray winter weather has me lying in bed, processing images from last summer, this was taken in August and from the errant feather under his left wing, I think he was molting.  The rest of his body feathers look a bit worn and this was after a substantial rain storm, til Tomorrow MJ

Independence Day Eagles

departure2 eagle has flown mature bald eagle down

Friends, here a happy fourth of July to you all, these Bald Eagles are symbols of our country, so from top to bottom, an immature leaving a perch, a first year bird on the first day out of the nest, and a watchful adult teaching his youngster how to hunt. til Tomorrow MJ

Bald Eagle Portrait

Friends, this a mature Bald Eagle with her chick of this year are sitting on the nest. I have been following the chick progress since about early May, now the chick is getting ready to fly.  When both adults are on the nest with the chick, there is peace and harmony, but when the adults leave him alone, the chick jumps around the nest and spreads his wings to make them strong.  The bottom image is a composite showing that he is getting lift  from his powerful wings, soon he will take flight, maybe today, since the wind has diminished from the 40 mph gusts of the last two days.  til Tomorrow MJ

Do not disturb-Bald eagle dinner

Friends, this time of year we see lots of bald eagles along the road, usually perched on a road-killed deer or in a tree alongside the road overlooking roadkill.  They prefer fish but most of the water is still frozen and fishing is not an option.  When they have found unfrozen dinner, they are reluctant to leave and are “sitting ducks” for the nature photographer.  This one gave me the “eye” and i took his picture from across the road.  til Tomorrow MJ

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