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LAB Grand Canyon


Dear Friends, this is a landscape of the many layers of Grand Canyon.  Done in minutes with the LAB colorspace The geology of these layers is an open book to the past, I love layers, til Tomorrow MJ

LAB Landscape

bell-rock-n4cDear Friends, since I am fighting with breast cancer, I have had a few quiet days to explore more photoshop.  I am experimenting with LAB color space with some of my old images.  This one is Bell Rock just south of Sedona Arizona, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ


Dear Friends, not sure I like this but lots of old buildings in our area, this one has now collapsed totally, but the forest is taking over, just the red paint survives, til Tomorrow MJovergrown

The Chateau


Dear Friends, a bit of history in this chateau on the hill above Medora.  The French nobleman built this for his bride and it still stands today much as it was in the late 1800s.  til Tomrrow MJ

Wild Horse Heaven


Dear Friends, the sunsets in the badlands are stunning and mystical cause you never know what will appear on the horizon. til Tomorrow MJ

Working Again

red rock ment
Dear Friends, this ten-petal mentzelia is growing out of the red rock in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, locally the red rock is called scoria, but the real term is porcelainite (sp) , made from clay layers being baked by a burning coal layer, if you drop a piece on a hard surface it will ring like a china cup, hence another local name, clinker.   the white flower of the mentzelia is only present in late summer near sundown and before sunrise.   til Tomorrow MJ

Lots of Storms

storm clouds6

Dear Friends, i could not decide how to present this image, color or black and white, without the color it looks stormier, do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Before the Storm

before the stormDear Friends, the other day i was chased by this storm and it seems to be a reoccurring theme in Crex this summer, lots of rain and humidity, this morning it is a little cooler and dryer, time to visit the birdies, til Tomorrow MJ


Dear Friends, no Northern Lights last night at our house, but the stars were out, so i was shooting star trails. These trails have gaps that resulted from neglecting to turn off the noise reduction feature in my camera.  There are two settings hidden in the camera menu that do noise reduction with high iso and one with long exposures.  When they are enabled, the camera tries to process the image between exposures and this processing takes as long as the exposure time, so if your exposure is 20 seconds, the camera delays the next exposure while it processes the noise reduction, resulting in a 20 second gap between exposures.  Lessons learned. til Tomorrow MJstar trails2

Badlands After 5 PM

mentzelia on red rockDear Friends, this image was taken last August when  the Mentzelia bloom on the red scoria.  These white blossoms are found growing right out of the rocky slopes and only open after 4 PM.  Most tourists overlook them cause they are a prickly looking plant until the blossoms open, then they are magnificent. til Tomorrow MJ

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