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Dear Friends, not sure I like this but lots of old buildings in our area, this one has now collapsed totally, but the forest is taking over, just the red paint survives, til Tomorrow MJovergrown


columbineDear Friends, I am not very good at Flower shots, but i can never resist shooting these red columbines that grow wild in Crex Meadows til Tomorrow MJ

Red Shoes

merganser chickFriends,  I often see Common Merganser females in Lake Superior, but have not noticed their pretty red shoes.  This one was resting on the banks of the Yellow River just a few miles north of our home.  Enjoy, til Tomorrow MJ


Tiny Angel

angelFriends, went to Como Conservatory with my sister and mom, this orchid struck me as a red angel against a cloud of yellow.  The colors in the indoor jungle atmosphere were a wonderful lift when winter is still menacing and spring is not far off.  These orchids were perched in front of a gray neutral card and seemed the perfect background, maybe this was planned so I made use of the planning.  Orchids are so varied, til Tomorrow MJ


Prairie Smoke

Friends, another high key image (overbright).  This hairy plant is the prairie smoke that usually has three nodding heads.  When setting seeds, the red buds pop upright and open to release several feathery plumes that each have a seed attached.  I was a little early, but if you look closely at the bottom of the top bud, the plumes are peeking out into the sunshine of spring.  When the buds have exploded into wispy glory they resemble smoke covering the ground. This spring I will be hunting for a more advanced prairie smoke plant to show more of its natural history.  til Tomorrow MJ

Painted red

Friends, last year at this time, we traveled to the US Southwest, visiting Sedona, Flagstaff, and points on the way there and back.  I loved the painted desert adjoining the Petrified Forest National Park (or Monument), all the reds at sunset and a small snowstorm the day before we got there to paint the desert with a little white.  This image didn’t need much photoshop help, it was lovely at sunset and we enjoyed the great color.  Filled up the red color meter that is so lacking this time of the year in the northwoods.  til Tomorrow MJ

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