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The Hairdo

female common merganser

Dear Friends, this female Common Merganser was found on the open water at Red Wing Mn.  I love her hair, mine kind of resembles this in the morning before the brush tackles the mess, getting it cut tomorrow and a new permanent, til Tomorrow MJ

Hair on Fire

hooded merganser female

Friends, this female hooded merganser is leaving quickly, like her hair is on fire.  They always give me a chuckle, with their feathers all in a tizzy. The perfect reproduction of her head feathers was reflected in the quiet waters of early spring  I love this portrait of her taken before she built a nest and hatched some youngsters. til Tomorrow MJ

Red Shoes

merganser chickFriends,  I often see Common Merganser females in Lake Superior, but have not noticed their pretty red shoes.  This one was resting on the banks of the Yellow River just a few miles north of our home.  Enjoy, til Tomorrow MJ


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