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Prairie Songster

meadowlarkFriends, this songster is a Western Meadowlark and he is singing from a tree, usually you find them on the ground or on a fencepost, singing singing singing.  This time of year they are everywhere on the prairie lands of South Dakota and I always stop to try to capture an image of them. That yellow shirt with the black tie looks a bit formal but daring at the same time.  I think they are my favorite bird and the state bird of North Dakota. Too bad I couldn’t capture their pretty song. til Tomorrow MJ


A Spot of Yellow

vertical sulfurFriends, snow again today, I think that spring is sleeping it off somewhere :), I went to my archives and found this image of summer yellow, a macro that shows the proboscis looping into the flower, sipping soda thru a straw on a summer day, is that a song title?  it should be a song title, i think this is a sulfur butterfly with the white eyespot on the hind wing, til Tomorrow MJ


Tiny Angel

angelFriends, went to Como Conservatory with my sister and mom, this orchid struck me as a red angel against a cloud of yellow.  The colors in the indoor jungle atmosphere were a wonderful lift when winter is still menacing and spring is not far off.  These orchids were perched in front of a gray neutral card and seemed the perfect background, maybe this was planned so I made use of the planning.  Orchids are so varied, til Tomorrow MJ


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