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No April Fooling

Dear Friends, this lovely Compton Tortoiseshell butterfly landed in our white pines on Saturday, thanks to Cheri for helping me to identify it. It was a lifer for me and surprised that it is a very early butterfly sometimes coming out in March.  We are on the southern end of its range.  lovely til Tomorrow MJ

My Fine Art


Dear Friends, sometimes my nature images don’t have a great background but stumbled across this skipper from last summer, I think it is adequate, til Tomorrow MJskipper

What Is It?? Hummingbird Moth


Dear Friends, this is a hummingbird clearwing moth sucking on some summer flowers.  Recently our camera club had an outing to the butterfly house and we found this guy outside the tent.   This is a moth not a butterfly (no club on the end of antenna) so i guess he wasn’t allowed inside.   The wings are too fast for my shutter speed but you get the idea. til Tomorrow MJ

Wood Nymph

wood nymph nectaring

Dear Friends, this wood nymph on a knapweed flower is to illustrate how the light coming across the wings shows off the textural details of this butterfly wing.  All the veining and cell details are emphasized when the light is right. til Tomorrow MJ


Skippe r- MJ Springett

Dear Friends, this tiny fellow is a skipper, but not sure his exact name.  I am sure my friends at Crex can id him for me.  He is perched and nectarine on some Vervain.  i hope he enjoys his sweet lunch, til Tomorrow MJ

Nature Challenge Day 7

black swallowtail1Dear Friends,  ran out of butterfly images so i ran up to Lake Superior to find what i could find.  Found this black swallowtail, a little smaller than the one in Crex, he posed so nicely on this yellow flower head. til Tomorrow MJ

Nature Challenge Day 6

pink-edged sulphur

Dear friends, this friendly butterfly has pink hair, green eyes and a pink fringe around his wing, he is the pink-edged sulphur butterfly and is only found if blueberries are around.  His caterpillar stage eats blueberries and the butterfly will lay its eggs on the blueberry leaves.  Quite the punker butterfly. til Tomorrow MJ

Nature Challenge -Day4

eastern tailed blue

Dear Friends, i think this tiny fellow is an Eastern Tailed Blue, see his tails on the end of the wings and his two orange spots fused on the border, he looks pretty fresh and new,and perched on the Blazing Star that is blooming all over Crex Meadows.   til Tomorrow MJ

Nature Challenge -Day 3

wood2Dear Friends, this handsome fella is an unknown, some kind of brown with eyes, maybe a Northern Pearly-eye, but i know the folks at Crex will help me out with the id of this pretty butterfly. til Tomorrow MJ

Nature Challenge-Day 2


Dear Friends, this butterfly is less than an inch in size and on a windy day like today, they only fly if they are disturbed.  So the photo plan is to walk (or drive) until i see one fly up, then try to follow it to its perching spot.  This is a Karner Butterfly and is identified by the blue iridescent spots above the orange on the back of the hind wing.  Confused? they are present in Crex but not in great numbers so hunting is necessary. The image below shows the blue spots a bit more clear, the light has to be just right  til Tomorrow MJ



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