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Nature Challenge Day 6

pink-edged sulphur

Dear friends, this friendly butterfly has pink hair, green eyes and a pink fringe around his wing, he is the pink-edged sulphur butterfly and is only found if blueberries are around.  His caterpillar stage eats blueberries and the butterfly will lay its eggs on the blueberry leaves.  Quite the punker butterfly. til Tomorrow MJ

Pretty in Pink

azalea detailedFriends, this pretty pink is one of thousands of azaleas in the Como Conservatory exhibit, a literal wall of pink is displayed as a warm up for spring, My mother enjoyed the children almost as much as the flowers.  She raised five of her own and is still very attracted to baby faces.  So this pretty in pink is dedicated to her and her motherly love. til Tomorrow MJ


Pink Bottle Brushes

Friends, these late summer water plants are found in Crex alongside the water lilies.  I cannot identify them but they look like pink bottle brushes that we used to use to clean flasks and test tubes.  At one time in my life I was a chemist for a company that specialized in shampoos, cream rinses, hair dyes and hair spray. All the chemical glassware was washed by hand at the end of the shift.  Everyone was a dishwasher as well as analyst so I knew how to use a bottle brush.  I was twenty-one and straight out of school, those were the days (my friend), we thought they’d never end. Seems like a century ago now.  The internet community calls this flower smartweed or redshank,  til Tomorrow MJ

The Gumbo Lily

Friends, this bloom is locally called the Gumbo Lily because it arises out of the clay gumbo on mud flats in the badlands.  It is officially known as the Evening Primrose and blooms out of very pink buds, quickly turning white in the strong spring sunshine.  This wildflower grows very close to the ground so I had to lie flat on the dried mud to snap this macro shot.  Good thing it was dry that morning.  til Tomorrow MJ

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