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Wood Nymph

wood nymph nectaring

Dear Friends, this wood nymph on a knapweed flower is to illustrate how the light coming across the wings shows off the textural details of this butterfly wing.  All the veining and cell details are emphasized when the light is right. til Tomorrow MJ

Another Flutterby

wood nymphFriends, The last few days I have been chasing butterflies in Crex Meadows, and stumbled upon this beauty.  I think it is a Wood Nymph and i love the eyespots on its wing. Now the disgusting part, he is sitting on animal scat of some kind and this is the most reliable place to find butterflies this time of year.  Wish it had been perched on a pretty flower but alas,  I have blackened that part of the image. Forgive me for photoshoping, but it really was disgusting .  til Tomorrow MJ

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