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What Is It?? Hummingbird Moth


Dear Friends, this is a hummingbird clearwing moth sucking on some summer flowers.  Recently our camera club had an outing to the butterfly house and we found this guy outside the tent.   This is a moth not a butterfly (no club on the end of antenna) so i guess he wasn’t allowed inside.   The wings are too fast for my shutter speed but you get the idea. til Tomorrow MJ


Friends, at first i thought it was a hummingbird, then a huge butterfly, but after closer examination I discovered that i was photographing a moth, a very large moth that hovers like a hummingbird and is similar in size, hence its nickname, the hummingbird moth, it drinks the nectar through a proboscis like a butterfly,  a very long straw to drink its soda.  Its real name is the white-lined sphinx moth. Below is the moth from the front.   til Tomorrow MJ

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